Step by step instructions on how to install the frontend and backend of ILEDash.


  1. Download the save file from the download section. Choose the save file for your environment (CCSID).
  2. Transfer the save file to the IFS of your system.
  3. Create a save file : CRTSAVF YOUR_LIB/ILEDASH
  4. Copy the save file from the IFS into the save file in QSYS : cp iledash-ile-1.0.0-alpha1.savf /QSYS.LIB/YOUR_LIB.LIB/ILEDASH.FILE
  6. Create a user profile under which the application will run : CRTUSRPRF USRPRF(ILEDASH) CURLIB(ILEDASH) INLMNU(*SIGNOFF)
  7. Change ownership of ILEDash objects: CHGOWN OBJ('/QSYS.LIB/ILEDASH.LIB/*') NEWOWN(ILEDASH) RVKOLDAUT(*NO)
  8. Start the application (by starting the subsystem) : STRSBS ILEDASH/ILEDASH
  9. Check the subsystem ILEDASH for the jobs : ILEDASH, ILEDASHSTR, ILEDASHUPD
  10. Finished!


  1. Download the zip file from the download section.
  2. Transfer the zip file to the IFS of your system.
  3. Extract the content of the zip file : unzip  or  jar -xf
  4. Replace your_ibm_i with your IBM i server name in your network (host name) in the file assets/config.json of the web application
  5. Go to the IBM i HTTP Admin site (http://your_ibm_i:2001) and create a new Apache HTTP Server instance. Hint: No special configuration needed, just a plain vanilla new HTTP instance.
  6. Move the web application to the content folder of your previously create Apache HTTP Server instance : mv iledash/* /var/local/www/iledash/htdocs/
  7. Flag the files as UTF-8 : CHGATR OBJ('/var/local/www/iledash/htdocs/*') ATR(*CCSID) VALUE(1208) SUBTREE(*ALL)
  8. Don't forget to start the HTTP server instance.
  9. Finished!

This are many steps for installing the application. In the future we are trying to reduce this to a minimum by using the project iPKG for managing the installation so all you will have to type is:

IPKG INSTALL 'iledash-api'
IPKG INSTALL 'iledash-web'

and you are done. Much simpler , isn't it?! :)